Obtain a Residential Building Permit Ottawa

Ottawa Building Permits makes it easy for Ottawa homeowners  to obtain a residential building permit.

Why Do I Need a Residential Building Permit?

A large number of Ottawa-area renovators procure residential building permits for their jobs. Their business, however, accounts for only about 4% of all renovation projects in the area. The remaining 96% of the renovations on Ottawa homes are completed by small renovators who do not necessarily promote the use of residential building permits. 
When building permits are not acquired, homeowners are putting all of their faith in a contractor. This contractor may in turn have his employees or other subcontractors in to complete the plumbing, electrical and mechanical work. A building permit in Ottawa acts as a third, and, objective point of view, to ensure that the homeowner’s interests are protected. 

City inspectors oversee hundreds of jobs a year, and, are aware of potential pitfalls to look for, to ensure the end product will meet building code requirements. 

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