Building Permit Applications Made Easy

When going through the building permit application process a scaled drawing is required to accompany the actual application.  This is where our process begins. Once we receive your call or email and you confirm you want to move forward with our services we need to make an appointment at your house.

Step One: Site Measure

In order to have accurate drawings depicting accurate room dimensions we need to go to the location in question and measure the space. We generally like to document adjacent rooms and floors above and below in order to locate any potential structural or mechanical elements that may affect the proposed work. In addition to documenting existing conditions this is where design intentions would be communicated to us. We can work with plans done by an Interior Designer or we can work with simple verbal instructions. Site Measure appointments may take 30 minutes on smaller jobs but can take up to 2 hours for more complex jobs.

Step Two: Building Permit Plans

We simplified this step but this step has many smaller steps that can be strenuous on larger projects. In order to put Permit Plans together we need to gather up all necessary information and apply it in these plans. First we look at applicable bylaws to ensure what is being proposed is acceptable (setbacks, heritage or wetland overlays, applicable zoning provisions). Second we identify all building code related items (egresses, glazing percentages, limited distances). In the cases where we identify some potential conflicts we would then communicate with the city and have a Development Information Officer look at our preliminary proposal. Once we have determined that what is being proposed is acceptable we can start the drawings. We start by drawing the existing space. We then add all demolition notes to the existing drawing. Then the proposed plans are drawn with any elevation and/or details necessary.

Step Three: Building Permit Application

This step is what differentiates us from the rest. We will fill the building permit application form and deal with any questions or issues brought forward by the city. We ensure that all related building permit fees are kept at a minimum and we follow up regularly to keep review periods short.

Step Four: Building Permit Application is Approved
Once we receive confirmation that the Ottawa building permit is approved we go to the city to retrieve it. We then deliver it to our client and explain the inspection schedule to avoid any confusion during construction. Our part is done and now the construction begins. We are very knowledgeable with the realities of construction and renovations so we do our very best to be available if there are any questions while construction is underway. Contact us and get your Ottawa Building Permit Applications started today! 

With our services, professionals who are asked about building permits can now say “we always get building permits because it is the law and it is the responsible way of doing a renovation”.  

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