Building Permits

City of Ottawa Building Permits

Here is essential information about City of Ottawa Building Permits. Are you a homeowner looking at renovating your home and wondering about the necessity of a building permit? A building permit is needed if you are removing or adding a wall or if plumbing fixtures are being moved. 

When applying for a building permit in Ottawa, a building permit application form needs to be completed. All applications need to be submitted with scaled plans that demonstrate what is being demolished and what is being built. As a homeowner you can draw your own plans but if you choose to hire a designer to draw the plans this designer needs to have a BCIN number. A BCIN (building code identification number) is awarded to designers who have passed necessary qualifying examinations and have appropriate liability insurance. 

City of Ottawa Building Permits are issued when projects respect applicable city bylaws and follow Ontario Building Code construction standards. Unless you have education and/or experience in construction or architecture, applying for a building permit can be intimidating and complicated. 

Ottawa Building Permits will produce plans that will surpass City of Ottawa Building Permits expectations and take care of the entire building permit application process ensuring that you receive your building permit quickly and hassle free. 
City of Ottawa Building permits allow your municipality to  protect the interests of both individuals and the community as a whole.

With our services, professionals who are asked about building permits can now say “we always get building permits because it is the law and it is the responsible way of doing a renovation”.  

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